Investing in Israeli society

What it 1point8?

1point8 is an initiative established by a group of Israeli tech professionals to improve social outcomes and opportunities for all, by pledging 1.8% of their equity (options or shares), to a joint fund, and thereafter selecting together which local nonprofits to support.

The members of 1point8 view these donations as much more than just capital, with the intent to go beyond and create meaningful volunteer and partnership opportunities to help strengthen the NPOs. Every shekel deployed can and should have a significant and measurable impact on Israeli society. Upon pledging, investors gain membership to the 1point8 community and events, and take part in the decisions around fund allocation and selecting the nonprofits the community invests in.

1point8 is non-political, non-partisan, and we do not support or endorse any political candidates.

Who’s behind 1point8?

1point8 was founded by the tech professionals in Israel and is made up of senior tech executives and start-up founders, hailing from fintech and cyber, software development and sales, from Google, Monday, Fiverr, Facebook, Lemonade, Amazon, SimilarWeb, and Bird. What unites us all is a shared passion of social responsibility, both as individuals, and as a collective industry.

Founding Partners

Elie Wurtman

Shelly and Assaf Harlap

Gigi Levy-Weiss

Gil Sheratzki

How does it work?

Anyone can join at any stage – whether you have just signed an employment contract, are an employee or have options from another source. Whether you are a founder, an HR, a programmer or a company, before or after an IPO – your investment is possible and welcome. You join by signing a PLEDGE, a non-legal document in which investors declare their wish to transfer 1.8% of their options, shares, or any other liquidity asset for the benefit of the accumulated capital of the 1point8 community. By signing up, investors join the community and can influence investment decisions.

Financial platform

Keshet Donor-Advised Fund- a fund for the management of donations that operates according to a unique financial model (Donor-Advised Fund), which enables strategic giving and tax planning, thus maximizing resources for the benefit of nonprofit organizations in Israel.
Currently, the fund manages over NIS 160 million. The all-volunteer board of directors includes senior executives from the Israeli business world, and counts among its clients senior executives in the high-tech industry and venture capital funds.

Why 1point8?

It’s simple 

The entire process takes a few minutes and without any of the bureaucracy.  “Keshet’s” financial platform specializes in keeping everything clear and simple, as well as providing investors with the maximum tax credit.

It’s optimized

1point8 is a philanthropic entity and every shekel invested is transferred in full to “Keshet” and from there, directly to the selected social organizations.

It’s under our control

Above all, 1point8 is an active community that makes decisions together and in full transparency, from strategy to the types of organizations that we invest in. As with any donation, donors not only decide where the assets are going, but also receive a detailed report on the impact their contributions have made.


This is not just a donation but rather what we call “catalytic capital”

At 1point8 we believe in solidarity and a culture of social investment. We believe our investments can bring about a dramatic and lasting change in Israeli society as a whole. This is a real and impactful gain for generations to come.

Let’s Talk!


Information for Nonprofit Organizations 

1point8 will issue a call for proposals.
The selected organization will be mentored by TED lecturer and social entrepreneur, Dr. Lior Zoref. The NGOs will make a presentation at a pitch event, culminating in community members voting on the allocation of resources on a designated platform.

The call for proposals is currently open and the community event will take place on April 1, 2022. Please find the application here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Launch event

September 2nd, 2022



Start-Up Nation Central

SNC is a non-profit organization that promotes the Israeli technological ecosystem in order to strengthen Israel’s economy and rating in the world. The organization leverages its deep ties within the Israeli technological ecosystem, the independent sector and the social investment sector in order to closely support the initiative of 1point8 as a founding partner.

The Social Solidarity Foundation

The Social Solidarity Foundation is a public-benefit corporation founded by Anat and Amnon Shashua during the Covid-19 outbreak out of a sense of civic and mutual responsibility. The corporation helps thousands of small businesses in Israel thrive with an emphasis on solidarity and innovation. We are proud to take part in the construction of the selection process and investors’ involvement in 1point8, with the help of the knowledge and tools we have acquired during this period.